2014 Here we go!

Greetings All-
I hope that your 2014 is off to a great start.
Before I get too far with this message, I want to say a special thanks to my able team assistants Katrina Roberts and Marlene Olsen. 2013 was mybest year in the business and I absolutely could not have accomplished that without their dependable talent and good work.

So – looking into the crystal ball for the coming year, I am cautiously optimistic. In comparing notes with other agents, I can sat say that 
this past month was the by far the busiest January in recent memory. It’s difficult to say how much of that activity is based on the market and how much is based on the mild weather. Everyone is anticipating (also optimistically) a wet spring, so I suppose we’ll all find out where we
stand soon enough.
Also – you can use the search features on my website to find any property actively listed in the MLS system. Here is a link providing access to the final sale figures for 2013 in Montezuma County. This includes breakouts for rural and in-town sales in Cortez, Mancos or Dolores.

I am grateful for your continued support and as ALWAYS APPRECIATE your passing my name along to anyone that you know who may be interested in 
buying or selling.

Have a great year!



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